What if you had a way to increase your sales, elevate your image, And take a few things off your plate in the process?

“I am completely overwhelmed.”

How many times have you said this to yourself since you opened the doors to your business? Probably every day since then. If this describes you, you worry about:

  • being able to be present for your partner or your children and actually be AT home when you’re at home

  • balancing your work and being a good mom

  • balancing your business and having a freakin’ life again

  • if you hire more staff for your team will your business still be profitable, will you still be able to pay yourself and keep the lights on?

  • mentally being able to cope with the rollercoaster of roles you’re constantly having shift gears and jump into in any given day

What’s worse is if you keep spinning in this frenzy of stress, deadlines, and Dragon-lady personality attributes, you know that if you go on like this you’ll end up pushing away the ones you love the most, burning out, tapping out from the things you really, really do care about, and you’ll go down in history as one of those women who used to own a business, but just wasn’t “cut out for it.”

I get it because I’ve been there.

I opened the doors to my videography business when I moved to Charleston in 2014, took on any video project that had the promise of dollar bills at the end of it, overbooked and underpaid myself, logged 65+ hours a week of screen time and my eyesight started suffering, and I became an absolute panic-attack-on-a-stick. Even with the best intentions, I found myself absolutely drowning in anxiety, hating the way I felt in my physical body, my creative energy was totally stifled, and I felt like an imposter and a fool for thinking I could do something like open and run my own business.

Here at Ruby Riot Creatives - we champion anyone who is brave enough to open their own business and offer their unique service to the world. We work with tons of businesses led by men and women but man, do we LOVE to cheer on and support a girl boss.

I took all of that struggle, all of that fear of scaling, that

  • “No one can do it as well as I can,”

  • “I can’t afford to pay someone to help me.”

  • “I don’t know how to train a new employee and actually manage someone else,”

  • “I’m drowning in work as it is I can’t stop to hire someone,”

And spent the next several years learning how to lead, and trust other humans, how to set boundaries, and how to scale and build a team of support from other spicy women (and men!) who have that same fire in their eyes for the work they love to do.

In Ruby Riot Creatives - we offer the strength of support, structure, (and some epic SEO wizardry) when it comes to elevating your brand’s perception, telling the story of your business and why what you do is beautiful and powerful, and make sure your ideal customers know exactly where to find you!

What exactly is “Content Marketing”?

“Content Marketing” means anything you need to tell you story - any collateral to put you on your ideal client’s radar:

  • Visuals (photos, videos, graphics) that inspire and make your prospects fall in love with you the moment they hit “Play” or start scrolling down your website or social media feed.

  • Articles that resonate with exactly what your prospects are looking for the moment they’re searching for your services.

  • Email newsletters that keep you at top of mind, add value to your existing client base, and encourage repeat business.

  • Paid Google Adwords, Instagram, Industry-specific advertising campaigns— we learn about your unique industry and tailor your marketing strategy to your niche.

  • Get flexy and elevate your image through getting some press on some major media outlets.

  • Make sure your websites show up higher than your competitors when your target clients search for your services.

  • Having a website that is inspiring, easy and simple to navigate, reflective of your aesthetic, and has crystal clear calls to action

  • Create engaging social media content that’s interesting and eye catching to nurture and expand your client base.

  • Podcast curation: what better way to nurture your market than share with them around topics they’re interested in each week or month?

All of the above = Content Marketing

What makes Ruby Riot Creatives unique is that with our background being in videography, we observe humans professionally. You’d be shocked at what you can observe around human behavior when you spend 40 hours in post production from one family’s wedding day. Being in tune to watching the subtle details of what motivates people is a huge asset we have as a team. Empathy. Deep diving into your ideal clients’ shoes and seeing what do they really want in life — and then drafting our content to match and speak to those needs.

The Proof Is In The Pudding Approach: Metrics

Part of our process is metrics. We take a “proof is in the pudding” approach: tracking each campaign’s engagement, see how your website traffic compares to last month, how many clicks did that ad series get, what’s your domain authority performance after last month’s guest features went live?

Our marketing is rooted in giving you tangible, measurable results, so you have no question as to “What did my marketing budget do for me this month?”

Because No One Likes A Self-Proclaimed Horn Tooter.

We Build Your Perception And Image, So You Don’t Have To.

Sales and Marketing Are NOT The Same Thing

It’s our job to come on board and take off your team’s plate the minutia of social media, and manage and elevate your Brand’s perception. We keep you relevant and in the right places (“on the map”) for your prospective clients, and it’s your job to close the deal! Marketing is not the same thing as sales, but it’s a crucial piece in converting your leads to sales.

Let’s break this down:

SALES Looks Like: Let’s say you meet someone at a networking event, strike up a conversation, you pitch them about what you do, and you set up a time to talk about your services with them. > SALES

MARKETING Looks Like: That person goes home, looks at your business card, and what’s the first thing they do? Googles your name and company. Looks you up on Instagram. What comes up when you work with us? A variety of websites where you’ve been a featured contributor, your blog content that’s pumping with tons of great articles, a website that’s sleek and cool, an awesome brand promo video, a great headshot. > MARKETING.

Our Marketing Services:

  • back up and verify who you say you are,

  • show you’re up to big things,

  • and instill confidence and build a need in your prospective clients where they start thinking,

“Oh dang, these guys are the real deal. I have got to work with them.”

  • your success goes before you, and you increase your sales without increasing a ton of effort (because people have heard about you, and clearly — you’re up to big things), and it’s sustainable, it’s easy, and it’s organic?

  • you weren’t burning on both ends, and getting approached by bigger sellers to scale and bring your product into their stores was a weekly thing for you, and you build your business into something that’s irresistible to investors?

  • you have a team of badass writers, publicists, filmmakers, photographers, SEO geniuses, graphic designers, someone who’s in charge of keeping your email marketing and social media campaigns pumping, someone who can help you organize all of your ideas to finally launch that podcast you’ve been dreaming of— all at your finger tips, without you footing the bill for payroll?

  • rather taking on the risk of hiring and training a new salaried employee to cover a fraction of the marketing your brand needs, you could bring someone in for a fraction of that cost that gets you, gets what you want, and you’re not having to add anything else to your plate?

  • you got EXCITED when you think about marketing in your business?

Your sales, your brand, your image: all of the above, coming to life.

Less late nights with loose ends, more deep breaths.

What if you could have peace of mind in knowing it’s not all on your shoulders, you’re not alone in the journey, and you’ve got an A-team on your side that is committed to your success, hell or high water?

That’s what we offer our clients. We help small business owners shift from working in their business to working on their business, elevate their brand perception and image, and nurture existing clients and leads through our content marketing services.