About US

We’re bold, edgy, sometimes irreverent, adventurous, crazy creative, and most of all, we all love what we do. In short, we’re a riot.

Ruby Riot Creatives is the group you call when you need to fill the gaps in your marketing efforts and get things moving.

People come to us because they’re stuck on an idea and need help bringing it to life. Businesses call us when they want to reach specific marketing targets but aren’t aware how they can do it strategically.

We step in to take over essential aspects of your content marketing (think article writing, videography, graphic design, strategic marketing, email marketing etc.) so your team is empowered to do what they do best.

Our team is diverse--with specialties ranging from photography, videography, strategy, online marketing, industry specific writing, and design. We’re also brimming with creative energy that we channel towards creating meaningful content that converts.

As visual storytellers, our expertise lies in our ability to translate your vision into something memorable and distinct. As innovative marketers, our strength lies in our ability to tell the world your story, in both creative and measurable ways.



It all starts with a crazy idea--ours was to create wedding videos that broke away from the norm.

We wanted to challenge the traditionally sappy and overly-sentimental, stereotypical wedding video by turning it into something ultra-cool and memorable; something that decades after the “I dos”, couples will still want to watch over and over again.

And we were pretty great at it.

So it wasn’t too long after, that we found our work spilling outside the wedding industry. We started collaborating with brands and businesses, ultimately allowing us to gain momentum in ways that would allow Nest Productions to expand its services and become Ruby Riot Creatives.

Today, we have a new name and a new logo. It’s a change that’s as drastic as they come--but we wanted our new identity to reflect our transformation as well as our resolve to take a bold step towards the future. Something that a ruby--which is now prominently part of our brand identity--perfectly symbolizes.

The ruby is a known symbol of devotion, faithfulness and bliss to couples across all cultures--which harks back to our roots in the wedding industry. At the same time, the vibrant color of the ruby also symbolizes our passion for creativity and our goal of bringing happiness to our clients through everything we do.

We’re a team made up of hypercreatives, which makes Ruby Riot Creatives’ voice different, bold, and exciting. We bring fresh energy into everything we create. We have an instinct for what makes something memorable, and we’re a riot to work with.

That’s our story. Now, we want to hear yours.

Let’s start something.