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The story of how a yacht chef moved to Charleston and tried her hand at wedding videography. How Ruby Riot Creatives came to be, what our brand identity stands for, and how our roots in video production grew us into the services we’re so blessed to offer today.

Our logo evolution + brand development.

Our logo evolution + brand development.


We’re bold, edgy, sometimes irreverent, adventurous, crazy creative, and most of all, we all love what we do. In short, we’re a riot.

Meet Ruby Riot Creatives - Rooftop at the vendue

Ruby Riot Creatives is the group you call when you need to fill the gaps in your marketing efforts and get things moving.

People come to us because they’re stuck on an idea and need help bringing it to life. Businesses call us when they want to reach specific marketing targets but aren’t aware how they can do it strategically.

We step in to take over essential aspects of your content marketing (think: article writing, videos, photos, graphic design, marketing strategy, email marketing, etc.) so your team is empowered to do what they do best— THEIR JOB!

Our team is diverse--with specialties ranging from photography, videography, strategy, online marketing, industry specific writing, and design.

As storytellers, our expertise lies in our ability to translate your vision into something that your dream clients find irresistible. As innovative marketers, our strength lies in our ability to tell the world your story, in both creative and measurable ways. But we didn’t start here.



It all starts with a crazy idea--ours was to create wedding videos that broke away from the norm.

When Shelby moved to Charleston, South Carolina from working in the British Virgin Islands as a former charter yacht chef, she opened up shop in 2015 as a wedding videographer here in Charleston and paid her dues, coloring inside the lines like all the other wedding videographers. She created the same thing everyone else was doing: super sentimental, gushy wedding videos set to terrible piano music. Yep. It’s true— she did it, until she couldn’t do it anymore.

By 2017 Shelby started burning out creating these videos that frankly to her— were super lame! Shelby would argue that the music in a video or film is as important if not more important when it comes to shaping the experience and energy of a film. Shelby wanted to see a couple’s story unfolding with Hozier singing their love in the background, with some epic EDM beat drops to follow for the groom’s brother doing “the worm”…She wanted to honor her creative personal aesthetic and style and create something that matched the uniqueness of her awesome clients.

So at the beginning of 2017 she stopped coloring inside the lines and making excuses. She revamped her website, revamped her company content writing, got clear on who she would love to attract and work with (and be paid!) She took risk (in the form of asking couples if they’d be comfortable and open to adding some songs with some flair, which most said, "Of course!”), and the result? She was able to scale her video team from just her to a team of four, doubled her referrals and bookings for the next two years.

So getting past her fear of going against the grain, and starting a “riot” of sorts in the wedding world, reminded Shelby that the world truly wants that creative, unique streak that each person brings to the table.

Now, fast forward to 2018, having the business model scale to a team of 3 boss babes working full time under the Nest Productions empire, we found our work quickly spilling outside the wedding industry. We kept our M.O. of creating compelling Sorry-I’m-Not-Sorry, bold statement-piece promotional content for brands and businesses, and we “flew the nest” of our prior branding Nest Productions, and spread our wings and expanded our services and become Ruby Riot Creatives.

Today, we are a team of four full time powerhouse women (and a few incredible friends and besties we love to work and collaborate with on shoots, too.) We have a new name and a new logo; we wanted something reflect the outrageous, transformative curve balls life throws at us - and the bold resolve each of us must take to #BossUp in our truths and paths. Something that the ruby-- now prominently part of our brand identity--perfectly symbolizes.

The Ruby Riot Creatives story

The Branding Break Down (For All Of You Word Nerds Out There…Like Us!)

The Ruby

The ruby is a known symbol of devotion, abundance, financial prosperity, faithfulness and bliss to couples across all cultures--which harks back to our roots in the wedding industry. At the same time, the vibrant color of the ruby also embodies our passion for creativity and our goal of bringing fire and clarity to our clients lives through the work we do.

The Creatives

We’re a team made up of hyper-creatives, which means we’re always bringing something new to the table here at Ruby Riot Creatives.

Oh, And The Riot?

Shelby Ring, circa 7th grade, in front of her mom’s faux painted wall.

Shelby Ring, circa 7th grade, in front of her mom’s faux painted wall.



  1. 1.

    a violent disturbance of the peace by a crowd.

    synonyms:uproar, rampage, furor, tumult, commotion, upheaval, disturbance, street fight, melee, row, scuffle, fracas, fray, affray, brawl, free-for-all; More


    an impressively large or varied display of something.

    "the garden was a riot of color"

    synonyms:mass, sea, lavish display, splash, extravagance, extravaganza, flourish, show, exhibition: "the garden was a riot of color"


    Shelby Ring in the 7th grade (pictured above.)

[Shelby here] The riot piece was actually my favorite moment in our rebranding brainstorm process. We were all brainstorming together around words we liked - we loved Ruby, we loved the term Creatives… we were using things like Ruby Rhino Creatives, and then we came across the word “Riot” — and I asked, “Wait. Did you guys have that awkward punk/antiestablishment question-authority teenage phase, complete with safety pins, weird piercings, terrible band t-shirts, and horribly plucked eyebrows?” And both Annabs, June and I all realized we’d gone through that phase in our lives.

Because we’ve all been there, right? The questionable piercings? That must have tattoo…

Because we’ve all been there, right? The questionable piercings? That must have tattoo…

I loved recognizing we all had that part of our journey. Though we’re based out of conservative Charleston, South Carolina, I’m from Austin, Texas originally where our city motto is “Keep Austin Weird” and is all about letting your freak flag fly. I loved recognizing this piece of myself - the rebel, the innovator, the artist - is the part that breeds innovation, strategy, and an endless well of optimism and positivity in my life— and that we all three had that same energy to bring to our lives and work through the various obstacles we’ve faced individually. So the term Ruby Riot Creatives perfectly encompasses our commitment to living a life filled with stories worth telling - and partnering with people and businesses that have faced adversity and chose to rise up, too.

We believe life is a gift. Every day is a gift. If you woke up today and took a breath in — congratulations, you just won the lottery! We believe in celebrating life: challenge, struggle, pain— it’s all part of the work we’re so privileged to do in this lifetime, and it’s what makes each of our stories so great.

We believe each and every moment - even the mundane…especially the mundane is beautiful in its own way. Your life and business have an amazing story, and we’re here to help you tell it, and tell it well. So we are the riot. We bring that big energy (and believe us, it’s contagious!) and fire to the table when we partner with you in sharing your company culture, agenda, and ethos online.

That’s our story. Now, we want to hear yours.

Are You Going Through A Transition?

A Note From Shelby, Our Chief Cat Herder

Shelby Ring Chief Cat Herder

Whether you’re rebranding, scaling, or launching a business for the first time; it can be exciting and terrifying— believe me, I’ve been there. I moved to Charleston in 2015 and went from cooking on sailboats in the Caribbean to filming weddings— talk about a career and industry change! Whether you’re new to town, new to your field or niche, or new to entrepreneurism; we can help.

Here at Ruby Riot Creatives, our two biggest core values are:

  1. Be a champion and advocate for our fellow entrepreneurs.

  2. Be of service.

We want our “ceiling” be your “floor.” Through sharing our story — our processes, our failures, and our successes, we believe we can raise the bar for the level of service Charleston businesses offer our community, and that prosperity, abundance, and excellence can’t help but overflow and bless our global community, too.

So whether it’s asking you open-ended questions to help you discover the business model and strategy that resonates with the lifestyle you want to live, creating stunning photos and videos to reflect your company ethos, or helping you perfect your pitch to make you irresistible to investors — we’re here for you.

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