No Bridezilla Allowed: Wedding Planning Tips For A Chill Wedding


Your partner finally(!) put a ring on it.

You said yes.

Now what?

Practical Wedding Planning Tips For A Super Chill Wedding

Planning a wedding—from the engagement announcement to the thank you cards—with as little stress as possible is every couples' dream. But as any bride can attest, it's also crazy hectic and nerve-wracking.

Here are some wedding planning tips to get you started.

Start with a budget.

If budget isn't at all a question for your upcoming nuptials, then know that the collective envy of all brides struggling with theirs are now laser beams aiming straight at you.

But seriously, even if you had all the money to spend on your wedding, having a reasonable and workable budget will serve as the foundation for a lot of your wedding-related decisions.

  • No Money, Mo' Problems

Ask yourself: Are you footing all the bill or is Dad? Is your wedding gown care of grandma? Or are you and your partner paying for everything?

While all come with their own set of pros-and-cons, they all require a sometimes brutal, but always honest conversation about money - the one you have and don't have.

It may be uncomfortable, but it's a conversation everyone contributing to the wedding should be having to avoid any future misunderstandings.

It's also good practice for couples who would now be managing their household budget together.

  • Let your budget be your guide.

Among all the wedding planning tips on this list, this one takes the cake as the most exciting even if it's the most practical.

Because, sure, who wouldn't want a beachfront wedding with a plane skywriting "Just Married!" on cue after the I dos? Or a 10-tier cake with sugar pearls and edible gold leaves to wow guests at the reception?

No one. No one but couples who are working with a limited budget.

The good news is, being on a budget doesn't mean you have to compromise your vision for your special day. It only means you have to be more creative.

No budget for a beachfront wedding? No problem.

A beach themed wedding and a Tiki bar at the reception will still give you beach vibes.

No budget for an edible gold decorated cake? No problem.

Break tradition and ditch the cake. Instead, serve Krispy Kreme donuts, S'mores, and crepes just like these Hollywood superstars.

Down the line, as you get a better grasp of how much suppliers cost, how much venues charge, and which wedding videography package meets your needs, you can easily adjust your budget to accommodate your changes.

Write down your list of must-haves.

Have an open and candid discussion about what aspects of the wedding are absolute must-haves for you.

Sit down with your fiancé and create a list of your top three wedding day non-negotiables. Because, you know, sometimes a girl just needs her own Beyonce wind machine while she walks down the aisle. Just saying.

Or maybe you want to spend more on photography and videography, but your partner wants to keep your wedding party small and splurge on a destination wedding instead.

Whatever it is, be sure to talk about your priorities as individuals, but make your decision as a couple.

Find inspiration online.

Pinterest and Instagram remain the best resources for wedding inspiration.

No matter how niche your wedding theme is, chances are there's already a board or a hashtag you can follow of it.

You'll probably end up feeling overwhelmed with all the choices, so we recommend taking a few minutes each day to scroll through both platforms.

Of course, make sure you go to the Ruby Riot Creatives Pinterest and Instagram to get creative bridal photoshoot ideas.

Having a visual reference of what you want on your wedding day will make it so much easier to get your vision down to the table decors down, for both you and your vendors.

Stay sane. Make checklists

Whether you prefer a good 'ol fashion handwritten list or upload everything on the cloud, having all your wedding-related information - phone numbers, emails, ideas, budget, etc. - in a single place helps you save a lot of time, energy, and money.

More importantly, it's useful in preventing meltdowns as your wedding date draws closer.

It’s your wedding, and you can take your time if you want to.

In the excitement of things, you might end up making hasty decisions you'll regret later.

So make sure to follow the wisest of all wedding planning tips out there: Don't rush.

Make sure to give yourself a chance to pause and weigh all your options before you make any decisions about your wedding.

Wedding_Planning_Tips_Videographer_Charleston SC.jpg

For example, when choosing your wedding videographer, take your time to meet and get to know their team.

Because bear in mind, videographers spend the most time with the bridal party, so you shouldn't decide based on skill and budget alone.

They're there long before the ceremony and festivities start, and they're there long after the guests leave, so you should also include these questions before making your decision:

  • Do I vibe with this team?

  • Can I trust them to be unobtrusive and still capture the special moments of my big day?

  • Will they make my guests feel comfortable in front of the camera?

These considerations aren't something you determine on a whim. So take a moment (or two!) to consider all your options before signing on the dotted line.

And admit it, for a hot minute you thought we were low key dropping some super serious life advice right there, right?

But if you want to talk life and weddings, we’re cool chatting away over mojitos and fried chicken.